Anton Kotelenets is an intuitive conceptual thinker who speaks illustration in a multitude of dialects. From emotive sketches capturing the true essence of a subject to stylized and modern illustrations, he masterfully ties in technique with narrative to consistently deliver artful images. 

To keep his observational skills sharp, Anton maintains a close friendship with his sketchbook - an item that never leaves his side. It serves as a vessel for ideas, concepts and impressions collected from his surroundings. He also draws inspirations from film, animation, music, architecture, art and design in all their forms and manifestations.

Originally from Kiev (Ukraine), Anton is an alumnus of OCAD University and currently resides in Toronto.

In his spare time, he enjoys creating fine art and living the urban lifestyle - dining at unique places, travelling, and exercising.

Notable Awards:

2012 - Fourth place winner in OCAD U’s Annual Design group Competition For All

2011 - Applied Arts online-animation winner “The Turnip”

2011 - Applied Arts online-animation winner “Deja Vu”

2011 - Adobe Design & Achievement Award semi-finalist “Re:Do”

2011 - First place winner in OCAD U's Annual Design group Competition On The Move

2010 - Runner-up in Creative Quarterly CQ19 student illustration competition